Environmental Portraits & Executive Headshots in NYC

Most companies, it seems, may need some additional photo looks for their leadership team. I created high key headshots for the entire staff to create consistency for their website and print media collateral. The marketing team expressed that they would need more variety with senior executives.  

With executives, the challenge is that I generally have anywhere from 3-15 minutes to create a portrait. It’s not much time, and I spend the first few minutes trying to build a common thread while examining how they look when they smile, what their best side might be, and how I’m going to pose them. 

Sometimes people say, “Our office is boring.” That wasn’t really the case with this Park Avenue office in NYC, but it’s something I hear a bunch when I talk with clients local to the DFW area where I’m based. And, the thing is with lighting and a good eye for composition, I can typically cancel out that dreadful fluorescent office lighting and make the setting feel dynamic.  

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