Executive Headshots at an Investment Firm in NYC

I bumped into a client and friend at an elementary school carnival. Honestly, I didn’t even want to go. (It was windy). We chatted as our boys jumped in the bounce house, and she mentioned needing a headshot photographer for their staff in both their New York and Dallas Fort Worth offices. I don’t know what came over me, but before I could even ask questions or think it through, I said, “I’ll go.”

I soon learned that they wanted a clean, modern style where the eyes are the focus. While they wanted to appear friendly and approachable, they wanted to convey credibility and professionalism. 

When I do corporate headshots on site at your business, I tether my camera to the computer for viewing and feedback in real-time. People are amazed at how they look in front of this incredibly flattering lighting and with my precise direction. One of the senior executives said, “I’ve never had a photographer teach me that until now.” I felt both sad and validated. Sad because I bet he’s taken at least ten headshots in his career, and he didn’t love any of them. Validated because I have studied with world renowned headshot photographers, and my background in education and trauma has helped me understand how to provide people with the resources to look comfortable and at ease in their images. 

No deer in headlights looks in my portfolio, please. 

I will not shoot from above. I know that’s the style for some who want to look smaller in the frame. I believe it diminishes your power. You are the hero in your headshot, so I’m going to photograph you as such. But, never fear, I won’t shoot up your nostrils. You’re going to have an incredible jawline. When you see your image, you’ll say, “Wow, I’ve never liked photos of myself until now.”

And, when other people see the portrait, they’ll be drawn to you. A powerful portrait is magnetic like that. If you need cohesive corporate headshots for your company or staff, send me an email, and I’m happy to provide a quote and a custom look to suit your unique photo needs. 

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