Hi, I'm Amber.

I began shooting photography professionally in 2008 as a second photographer and assistant at weddings and events. With experience shooting in everything from bright natural light to places which resembled dark closets, I am a versatile photographer who utilizes both natural and studio light. My clients appreciate my creative vision, artistic direction, and eye for detail. As a business owner myself, I understand the relief that comes with delegation. When clients contract me to photograph their projects, I want them to feel like they can trust me completely to provide both a pleasant photo session experience and beautiful photographs. It's not unusual for people who are fearful to be photographed to say afterward, "That's it? That was fun!" I believe professionalism and fun can intersect. I have a laugh that people tell me they love to hear, and it serves me well in my work to disarm even the most camera shy folks. 

I received two cameras for my birthday at the age of six; now nearing 40, I now own more cameras than I care to admit. As much as I appreciate the crisp clarity of digital cameras, I revel opportunities to create portraits on medium format film whenever possible. What you'll find in my portfolio is a blend of both film and digital, bright and airy mixed with dark and moody. I hope it doesn't appear that I have an identity crisis. As an artist, I understand that shadows give form to the light, so I appreciate both. And, as a professional, I understand that the photos I create for you are not about me-- they're about you...your brand, your story. These days people ask me often what my dream job is, and I must say: this is it. I look forward to picking up a camera each day (whichever one is best suited for the task at hand). I feel like I have the opportunity each day to help people in the community help people in the community. And, I believe that's why we are here: to help each other. 

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