Fort Worth Branding Photography | The Counseling Collective

My first career was as a middle and high school English teacher. About five years in, I decided I wanted to be a counselor. It was during my graduate studies that I began to pursue photography. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, and maybe one day I’ll pursue my counseling license. When I received a referral from a fellow photographer to create branding photography for these two women who are starting a counseling private practice in Fort Worth, I was so excited. As is the case with branding your business, sometimes the photos come before many of the other elements of a business are in place. They’ve since leased an office, but after I heard about their brand, I immediately thought of this location where my friend, Robin Smith, has an office in the Foundry District. Her interior was designed by Shauna Glenn, who is the queen of color and breaking all the rules when it comes to design. Given that Julie and  Libby specialize in working with adult women through EMDR and Christian counseling, respectively, I wanted the photos to have a warm, colorful, and feminine feel. I love these photos, and I’m also excited to have a place to refer people where I know they’ll be in good hands to process trauma and grief. Check out their website HERE and their Instagram where they post content relevant to mental health. 

Fort Worth lifestyle family photographer

One of the most common things I hear from parents who inquire about photos is: My kids won’t sit still for photos. 

And, I’m sitting behind my computer thinking, Great!

I don’t want your kids to sit still for photos, and I’ll never expect them to. 

I’m inspired to tell an accurate, authentic story of family. With two toddlers, that means there is not much stillness. And so, perhaps, in your fast-paced reality, you’ve failed to notice the beauty in the chaos. That’s where lifestyle photography comes in. 

Fort Worth senior portrait sessions

The past few couple of senior portrait sessions, the parents have requested to bring the siblings, too. I love that because once a kid graduates and moves out, the family just isn’t the same. 

I loved seeing the bond between these two brothers. 

They were enamored by the Fort Worth Water Gardens and wondered if it might be a good location. I hadn’t photographed there in a while, which made it feel fresh. There was a time when all I ever did was shoot at golden hour with a single camera and a single lens. I think that’s how many photographers start out - learning about how to master a camera and utilize natural light. 

I brought 3 cameras to this session and tried to consolidate with just 3 lenses. I had a flash just in case. But, all in all, I felt so “light.” As much as I love studio work, it’s fun to take a photo adventure every now and then. 

when shooting at an iconic place, I still always like to create a portrait where the individual is the focus.

It’s no secret that I love film, but when shooting with sun-flare, digital is still king.

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