Lauren Wessinger Yoga | the intersection of art + yoga

I’ve specialized in branding photography for female entrepreneurs for the past few years. It is work I absolutely enjoy. I love to bring an artful aesthetic to their business offerings. Especially for yoga. Yoga is an art. I suppose teaching in general, is. One of the things I’ve realized is that for branding through the years is that we generally need photographs that tell a story, which may or may not include our face. With my friend, Lauren Wessinger, who has an online yoga app where she teaches yoga and meditation virtually, she needs photographs for her classes. While I love her face and would be content to shoot a couple rolls of portraits of her face, what she needs are more artistic details that create the narrative for her classes. 

I wasn’t sure that I could top our previous photo session, which I felt was absolutely some of my best work to date. You can reminisce about it HERE. She has helped me become proficient in film double exposures. But, I love this set. I carried on with a few double exposures. Her branding photos air on the neutral side, but with this session we incorporated some color inspired by the season and nature’s earth and water elements. Yoga and meditation continue to be an important part of my creative process, and I enjoy practicing with her on her app. Her teachings help me feel quieter inside, and I hope that’s what these photos achieve, too. If you’re interested in an in-studio branding session, send me an email via the contact form, or you can book directly HERE.  

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