it took a pandemic for me to…

I like to ask my followers and friends to complete this sentence: “it took a pandemic for me to…”

It took a pandemic for me to find the studio space of my dreams. For the past three years, I’ve subleased community studios in town, and as grateful as I am for the flexibility to lease space only when I need it…I need space. I am creative only when I have the space to create. Quiet, solo space. 

I found this studio in the beginning of April, right after everything closed. The timing seemed awful, except that for perhaps the first time in the history of my career, I had time to furnish a new space. I moved all of my equipment out of the closet in my son’s room. I have a permanent studio on West Vickery, a glorious 0.6 miles from my home– close enough to come home for lunch and far enough away to leave my work when I come home. 

This was the first of many narrative brand sessions I’ll do here with Marty Young, who’s a life coach and entrepreneur who sells clothing for Savvi and some products to help women live well. The vibe was bright and airy, fun and feminine. It allowed me to blend my love of portraits and product work. It was seamless– other than all of the covid-19 stuff leading up to when we could safely do the shoot. 

And, Marty mentioned how comfortable I made her feel, which really warmed my heart. I feel as if my work as a photographer is not just to create well lit and composed images that tell a story, I know how nerve wracking it can be to be photographed, so I want the people who trust me to feel at ease in my presence. She is incredibly fit and didn’t want to intimidate people with her physical strength, but when I see these photos, I feel inspired to move my body and celebrate what it can do. I hope you do, too. 

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