Fort Worth senior portrait sessions

The past few couple of senior portrait sessions, the parents have requested to bring the siblings, too. I love that because once a kid graduates and moves out, the family just isn’t the same. 

I loved seeing the bond between these two brothers. 

They were enamored by the Fort Worth Water Gardens and wondered if it might be a good location. I hadn’t photographed there in a while, which made it feel fresh. There was a time when all I ever did was shoot at golden hour with a single camera and a single lens. I think that’s how many photographers start out - learning about how to master a camera and utilize natural light. 

I brought 3 cameras to this session and tried to consolidate with just 3 lenses. I had a flash just in case. But, all in all, I felt so “light.” As much as I love studio work, it’s fun to take a photo adventure every now and then. 

when shooting at an iconic place, I still always like to create a portrait where the individual is the focus.

It’s no secret that I love film, but when shooting with sun-flare, digital is still king.

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