a mini branding session at Amber Shumake Creative | dfw branding photography

Around 2017, I began to offer branding photography mostly for people who were starting their businesses. What’s been beautiful over the past four years is to see how these images have helped them build a beautiful brand with their websites, social media, and newsletters. This past year, I found a beautiful studio space to call home. With its windows and skylights and white walls, it’s essentially a bright blank canvas. I work in this space every day, so I have design elements like desks, tables, chairs, plants, etc. So, I can create a scene that’s unique and authentic to your brand in a snap. Because I don’t have to schlep my equipment across town to sublease a space, I can offer these sessions at a lower rate than I once could. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re pivoting your business model or would just simply like to hit refresh on your photos, I’d love to help. These sessions last 45-60 minutes allowing for 2-3 scenes and yielding about 15 images with the commercial license to use these images in ways that elevate your brand. If you’re interested in discussing or booking a session, you can do so HERE via my online schedule. Previous clients can enjoy 20% off. 

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